The Story Of

Raku Ichi Niseko

Chapter 1:The Adventure Begins 

The adventure begins, Tatsuru starts his intrepid expedition from Tokyo to Hokkaido. Tatsuru set out on foot, with his worldly possessions on his back heading to the great North to begin a life of experiences. A world of opportunity awaits. 

Chapter 2:Finding



Upon arriving in this plentiful, beautiful and abundant land, Niseko, Tatsuru discovered the purest water. Flowing freely from the mountains in Hokkaido, Tatsuru learned the water was truly perfect for creating the finest, delicate and delicious soba noodles. 

Chapter 3:


Harnessing Your


Tatsuru decided that Niseko was the perfect place to call home, next to the purest water source, it allowed him to harness his craft. Tatsuru developed his skills through time, dedication, love and commitment. Focus like only the Japanese can demonstrate, Tatsuru became a master at work sifting the best soba noddles. 

Chapter 4:


Creating Something





Now that Tatsuru has honed in on his craft, found the perfect place to call home, it was time to create roots in the ground. Tatsuru set to work to build Raku Ichi Soba restaurant with his bare hands. With raw materials, through all four seasons, Raku Ichi was birthed. 

Chapter 5:


And the blessed


snow fell

The blessed snow fell, bringing with it hope, possibility, opportunity and beauty. The snow opened the eyes of the locals to all the opportunities on of the mountain, sport, gastronomy and experiences like no other. Tatsuru grabbed his skis and explored his back yard, Mount Yotei and the sensational Hirafu hill.


Chapter 6:


Discovering the


natural and


abundant beauty of



Tatsuru, along with the other locals began to discover the natural and abundant beauty on their doorstep. Onsen's become a part of everyday life for Tatsuru, ceremonious, meditation, reflection and relaxation. The onsens call us all.

Chapter 7:


Simpler Times, with


nature and



In more simple times, before cars and technology complicated life, Tatsuru would take the horse and sleigh into the wild nature to head to the pub.  He would join friends and companions to talk about the harsh Hokkaido Winter, share stories, recipes and inspiration. 

Chapter 8:


Niseko, Always in



Our spiritual home, and soon. . . .  your year-round retreat for solitude in Niseko's abundant nature. From the priceless white gold to the blossom of spring to the sun setting behind Mount Yotei. See where Tatsuru fished for the fresh produce for the restaurant, calmly by the clock of the sun.

Chapter 9:




Legacy, beckoning a 


global following

Raku Ichi is an incredible legacy in Annupuri. People travelled from far and wide to sample soba master, Tatsuru Rai's and his wife creations. Raku Ichi is now experiencing an revolution, bringing new life and vitality to the area through innovation and development. 

Chapter 10:


Heritage, tradition


and refinement

Refined, luxury, four seasons, Japanese minimalism, gastronomy. These words are the notions at the centre of our ethos. Taking the traditional and culture of the old and uniting it with innovation and technology of the new.  

Chapter 11: The


Secrets that lies



A reimagining of this sensational restaurant to create a revitalised spot where investors, diners, skiers and nature lovers alike can find solace, comfort and elegance. Discover and be the first to join #TheRakuIchiRevolution


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